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What's Hot on Broadway: Andrew Rannells Joins Hedwig

Lena Hall, John Cameron Mitchell, and Stephen Trask welcome Andrew Rannells.

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Win Tickets to Side Show

Anyone not knocked out by this ravishing musical is hereby order to have their vital signs checked" (Washington Post). 

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The Five Best Things to Do in Times Square

Times Square has many nicknames. It’s called the Crossroads of the World, because some 360,000 people walk through the heart of it every single day — about 42 million visitors a year, the world’s most visited tourist attraction

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Motown's Milestones

On June 17, Josh Tower played the lead role of Berry Gordy in Motown the Musical on Broadway for the first time in front of an audience. A few hours later, his wife gave birth to their baby girl — the first Motown baby, as director Charles Randolph-Wright calls her.

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#TGIFTunes - Books on Broadway

Listen as your favorite characters leap right off the page.

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Camp Broadway Turns 20

More than 30,000 students have had the Broadway experience of a lifetime. 

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Making Britain's National Theatre Truly International

Once upon a time, the reach of a play or musical was contained by the four walls within which it was playing, and the seating capacity that was offered within them. 

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Backstage Mania at A Gentleman's Guide

You know that top button on your shirt, the one that can sometimes take 12 seconds to cinch? In the uproarious A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, now playing at the Walter Kerr Theatre, Jefferson Mays changes his entire outfit in that amount of time.

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Gregg Barnes's Cave of Costume Wonders

Aladdin, Disney Theatrical’s new hit Broadway musical, is the most colorful show in town, thanks in no small part to the costumes of Gregg Barnes. 

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Taking Kids Out of School To See a Broadway Show

September signals the beginning of the school year, which generally signals the end of the family travel season. But it doesn’t have to. 

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