Author: Gerard Raymond

Bryan Cranston stars in Network on Broadway

Mad as Hell: Bryan Cranston Plays a Prophet of the Airwaves in Network

“I’m not done with playing Howard Beale,” says Emmy and…

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Cherry Jones, Daniel Radcliffe, and Bobby Canavale star in the Broadway production of The Lifespan of a Fact

The Lifespan of a Fact: How Far Can It Stretch?

Fake news! Alternate facts! You can’t avoid thinking about today’s buzzwords when you see…

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Fall 2018 Broadway Preview featuring King Kong, The Cher Show, and Pretty Woman

The 2018 Broadway Fall Preview

Summer is not over yet, but the new Broadway season is already in full swing. In the first half of…

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The Set of Once On This Island

Surround Set: The Immersive Design of Once on This Island

Even before the lights go down, you are drawn into the vibrant…

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Cast members of The Band's Visit

The Band’s Visit: Something Different

The Band’s Visit has all the makings of a Broadway hit. Having twice broken all-time…

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Mean Girls comes to Broadway this Spring 2018

The 2018 Broadway Spring Preview

You don’t need magical powers to predict that a snow queen and a wizard with a lightning-shaped…

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