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Nasia Thomas (center) with Taylor Iman Jones, Bella Coppola, Leandra Ellis-Gaston, Zoe Jensen and Hailee Kaleem Wright in SIX. Photo by Joan Marcus.

First Look: Photos of the New Broadway Queens of SIX

Last month, the Tony Award-winning and newly…

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SIX New Cast Curtain Call 1200x450

First Look: New Cast of SIX on Broadway Take First Bows

On Monday, December 5, the new queens of SIX joined the…

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SIX New Queens

Watch Now: First Look at New Broadway Queens of SIX in Rehearsals

In case you missed the royal announcement, it was revealed that…

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Six Broadway Casting

New Casting Announced for All the Queens of SIX on Broadway

Some new talent is ready to join the queendom. The new cast…

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SIX Tiny Desk

Watch Now: SIX National Tour Tiny Desk Concert

The national tour cast of SIX is taking North America by storm and now viewers at home are in for a…

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Bre Jackson, Keri Rene Fuller, Brennyn Lark

Six Questions for the Newest Queens of SIX on Broadway

There are three new queens on Broadway and they’re raising up…

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