Thoughts of a Colored Man News

Significant Black Theater Moments

Celebrating Black History-Makers on Broadway

Broadway history is Black history. The history-makers of the early 1900s broke down the…

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Luke James, Bjorn DuPaty, Keenan Scott II, and Tristan "Mack" Wilds. Photo by Tricia Baron.

Playwright Keenan Scott II Steps Into Thoughts of a Colored Man

On Tuesday night, December 20, at Broadway’s Thoughts of…

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Tristan Mack Wilds, Dyllón Burnside, Forrest McClendon, Da'Vinchi.

First Look: Thoughts of a Colored Man at Broadway’s Golden Theatre

There’s a new play on Broadway! Thoughts of a Colored…

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Keenan Scott II

Keenan Scott II on the New York Focus of Thoughts of a Colored Man

Keenan Scott II wrote a play for a new Broadway. It’s a…

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Thoughts of a Colored Man Moves Broadway Opening Date Forward

This new Broadway play will open sooner than expected! Thoughts of…

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Esau Pritchett

Esau Pritchett Joins Cast of Broadway’s Thoughts of a Colored Man

It was announced today that Esau Pritchett has joined the cast…

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