Elphaba and Glinda
Elphaba and Glinda

Are You an Elphaba or a Glinda?

Which witch are you? Are you the popular one or the misunderstood one? Outspoken or beloved?

Wicked is now in its 18th smash year at the Gershwin Theatre, introducing Broadway all those years ago to two of the most iconic characters in musical theatre: Elphaba and Glinda. Take this quiz to find out which witch you are most similar to!

Known before Wicked as only The Wicked Witch of the West, Elphaba is a misunderstood student at Shiz University, born with green skin. Ridiculed her whole life, she finds solace in her teacher Doctor Dillamond who happens to be a goat. When he is forbidden from speaking and Elphaba is exposed to the injustices in Oz and the Emerald City, she is seen as a fugitive by all as she tries to fight for what she believes is right. In the end, she is forced to flee Oz, leaving behind a friend that changed her “for good.”

Glinda, beginning the show as Galinda, is a wealthy and popular girl who has always had her way. When she accidentally volunteers to be roommates with Elphaba, whom she despises, Glinda begins to see the good in her, which unearths the good within herself. Rising to power as Glinda the Good, she too sees what’s wrong within Oz and struggles to find the balance in her social standing and her moral beliefs. She takes matters into her own hands by the end, expelling the true evil in the Emerald City, in order for her to truly become “Glinda the Good.”

Find out which witch you are by taking the quiz below.

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