Author: Elysa Gardner

Harry Potter

The Next Generation of Witches & Wizards in Harry Potter

After a long spell—pun intended—it is once again witching…

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The Phantom of the Opera and Chicago

The Two Longest-Running Broadway Shows on their Historic Returns

The music of the night and all that jazz will finally be…

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Tony Awards Preview

The 2020 Tony Awards Preview

Like the recent Olympics, the 2020 Tony Awards arrive after a lengthy delay necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic. And amid…

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Broadway Brighter Promise

Introducing The Broadway Brighter Promise

We know you have questions about how you can safely return to Broadway. In our Broadway…

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The Pantages Theater Voting Center 2020

How Theatres Across the Country Have Served Communities While Closed

Call it a silver lining on a very dark cloud, or an example of…

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