Author: Elysa Gardner


Three Years In, Alex Lacamoire Still in Pursuit of the Perfect Sound

When orchestrator, arranger, and musical supervisor…

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Company Cast

The Cast of Company on the Transformative Revival

Over the past decade, director Marianne Elliott has scored a…

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Company Katrina Lenk

Katrina Lenk on The Fresh Reimagining of Sondheim’s Company

In recent years, Katrina Lenk has gained the attention of…

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Kristin Chenoweth

Kristin Chenoweth on Celebrating Her Greatest Influences in For The Girls

Three years ago this November, one of Broadway’s most…

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GRE_P199_Bway Direct Newsletter_1200x450 Photo

From Succession to Broadway: How Brian Cox Was Drawn to the Legacy of LBJ

When Scottish stage and screen actor Brian Cox was first…

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