Author: Morgan Steward

Getting to Know Audra McDonald

Getting to Know… Audra McDonald

Getting to Know… is a new series that will highlight visionary creatives in the theater…

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Alex Boniello from Dear Evan Hansen

5 Questions With Alex Boniello of Dear Evan Hansen

Alex Boniello has hit the big time on Broadway, but his…

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Top 5 Theatre podcasts

The Five Theater Podcasts You Need To Be Listening To

What do you do when you’ve seen the show, listened to the cast album, and found all the social…

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5 Questions With Jarrod Spector From The Cher Show

Jarrod Spector, the … investment banker? It could be argued…

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Backstage Blonde

5 Questions With “The Backstage Blonde,” Teale Dvornik

“Work hard and dream big.” This is the motto Teale Dvornik…

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Micaela Diamond in The Cher Show on Broadway

5 Questions With Micaela Diamond From The Cher Show

At 18 years old, Micaela Diamond was faced with a choice.…

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