Broadway Shows for Teens

For young theater fans, there’s never been a better time to visit Broadway. Teen-centric narratives are sweeping the stage, with many shows featuring teenage characters dealing with the modern issues that rule their lives. From grand spectacles to stripped-back contemporary pieces, here are some musicals that teens are sure to love.


For all the teens out there who feel strange or unusual, Beetlejuice is sure to be a perfect fit. Based on the classic Tim Burton film, this funhouse of a show tells the story of Lydia Deetz, a teenager whose life is flipped upside down when her family moves into a home that comes with baggage of the supernatural variety. Underneath its showstopping production and irreverent wit, Beetlejuice touches on the importance of love, family, and making the most of your life … or afterlife.

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Mean Girls

Tina Fey’s iconic 2004 coming-of-age movie was reborn for Broadway. Mean Girls is the classic tale of the new girl forced to navigate the drama and cliques of high school. And with the addition of a hilarious script and a catchy contemporary score, it’s a smash stage hit. Not lost in its theatrical reimagining is a relevant story about friends, enemies, and finding shared humanity.

Dear Evan Hansen

The musical that burst onto Broadway in 2016 and quickly became a contemporary classic, Dear Evan Hansen is the show that makes teens the envy of their peers when they post snaps of the Playbill. This show tells the story of Evan, an anxious teen who falls into a tangle of lies while trying to fit in. Teens will easily relate to this show that explores social media and offers a striking message about the way we live. Audiences walk away inspired to think about the impact of their words.

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One of the longest-running shows on Broadway for a reason, Wicked is perfect for all ages — especially teens. The story of Oz pre-Dorothy deals with mature questions of identity and morality, but also draws heavily on a pure childlike magic that creates a thrilling experience for its audience. With a score full of hits and a poignant story about a friendship that defies expectations, Wicked is a show that teens will remember seeing forever.

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For those seeking a little history lesson with their Broadway experience but want to avoid the price tag of Hamilton, Six is the perfect ticket. The modern pop score and ultra-engaging concert atmosphere will draw in teens to this fresh retelling of the stories behind the six wives of Henry VIII, and the shorter 80-minute run time will appeal to them too. It’s almost impossible not to lose your head over this celebration of girl power.

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Sing Street

Based on John Carney’s hit indie film, teens will love the new musical Sing Street, which follows a group of teenagers in 1980s Dublin who form a band in order to escape struggles at home — and impress a mysterious girl. With ’80s nostalgia’s current infiltration of mainstream pop culture, this heavily new wave–inspired score is sure to be a hit. Teens won’t want to miss out on this celebration of rebellion, the thrill of first love, and the power of music.

Jagged Little Pill

Alanis Morissette’s music may not be the soundtrack for today’s teens, but the story they tell in the new musical Jagged Little Pill couldn’t be more relevant to today’s world. The smash 1995 album is woven throughout the tale of the Healys, a suburban family whose picture-perfect exterior betrays their reality of dealing with the difficult issues that modern families face. Teens will be deeply moved by this show’s electric musical moments and urgent message to come together in a judgmental world.