Production photos from Six Degrees of Separation, Beautiful the Carole King Musical, Waitress, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Broadway Shows to Take Your Mom to on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is here, and what better gift for Mom than a trip to see a Broadway play or musical? It is an experience you can enjoy together while creating memories to last a lifetime. Here are some suggestions of the perfect Broadway plays and musicals currently running that you can take Mom to for her special day.

They say that nothing brings people together quite like music, and Beautiful is a great way to bond with your mother though melody. Odds are she grew up listening to the myriad hits by music superstar Carole King. “Will You Love Me Tomorrow?,” “One Fine Day,” “It’s Too Late,” and “You’ve Got a Friend” are true staples of the American songbook guaranteed to evoke nostalgia. Beautiful gives you the opportunity to take Mom to a Broadway show with a compelling biography of King’s life that will also include many of these songs that she knows so well.

Six Degrees of Separation

Not all mothers want to see a musical, so if you are looking for a nonmusical play with an interesting parent/child dynamic, the current revival of John Guare’s Six Degrees of Separation will fit the bill beautifully. Ouisa Kittredge is not your typical mother. When a stranger shows up at her Manhattan home, claiming to be a friend of her college-age children, she takes him under her wing, only to find out that he has a long history as a troubled con artist. Uninhibited by this revelation, she becomes motherly toward the young man, trying to save him from himself and unexpectedly learning more about her own doubts. Funny, disturbing, and exploring a captivating theory about how we are all connected, this show is both intriguing and entertaining.


Here is a musical about the ups and downs of an impending pregnancy and the concerns an expectant mother goes through. When waitress and pie-maker Jenna finds out she is pregnant, she isn’t sure she wants to keep her baby. Despite her reasons for giving up her child (a low-paying job, a troubled marriage), Jenna decides to stick it out and falls hopelessly in love with her newborn daughter, Lulu. Mothers and daughters will especially bond over the happy ending that grows out of Jenna’s heartaches, trials, and tribulations. The score by Sara Bareilles is also guaranteed to worm its way into Mom’s heart, but be prepared to walk out of the theatre craving pie!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

In lieu of chocolates, why not invite Mom for a visit to the world’s greatest chocolate manufacturer and get her tickets for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Not only is this musical piled with tasty confections, it is a beloved story about a little boy getting his greatest wish fulfilled: finding a golden ticket that affords him the opportunity to spend a day with the famous chocolatier Willy Wonka. There is also a special relationship between the title character and his loving, hardworking mother, a thematically perfect way to honor your mother on her big day.

Mark Robinson is the author of the two-volume encyclopedia The World of Musicals and maintains a theater and entertainment blog at markrobinsonwrites.com.