Broadway Songs for When You Need a Good Cry

Broadway Songs for When You Need a Good Cry

As much as Broadway tunes are obvious options for when you need a mood boost or are looking to dance, they’re also there for you when you just need a good cry. There’s nothing wrong with letting the tears flow, and sometimes you just need an outlet to release pent up emotions. There are plenty of Broadway songs that offer the sanctuary of the perfect pairing of emotional music and heart-wrenching lyrics.

From Avenue Q’s “There’s a Fine, Fine Line” to Dear Evan Hansen’s “Words Fail,” we’ve compiled a playlist of some of the most moving and emotional, poignant, and sentimental songs for when you’re feeling a little weepy. So blast these beautiful tunes and cry your heart out! We promise you’ll feel better after.

Have a favorite Broadway song for when you need a good cry that we missed? Share it with us on Twitter and we might just add it to the list!

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