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Broadway Songs from Disney Shows

Broadway Songs from Disney Shows

Two things everyone loves? Broadway and Disney. Put them together and you get some fan-favorite dynamite. Over the years, plenty of Disney classics have been brought to the stage, and some Broadway favorites have graced our screens and movie theatres. The energy of Disney musicals is incomparable, and these shows and movies bring joy to audiences of all ages and interests.

From The Lion King, which originally came into our homes and hearts in 1994 before opening on Broadway in 1997, to Frozen, which hit the big screens in 2013 before coming to Broadway in 2018, to Into the Woods, which opened on Broadway in 1987 before hitting movie theatres in 2014, everyone loves a good Disney to Broadway or Broadway to Disney adaptation. We’ve compiled a playlist of some all-time favorite hits from this lovable repertoire of musicals.

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