Broadway Songs that are Terrific Opening Numbers

Broadway Songs that are Terrific Opening Numbers

There’s nothing like the feeling of sitting down at a Broadway show, the curtain rising, and hearing those first few notes of that grand opening number. A musical’s opening number creates a key hook for the show; it’s responsible for grabbing the attention of the audience and making it so that everything else fades away as the audience enters the world of the show. Broadway opening numbers tend to dazzle the audience with epic ensemble performances, thrilling choreography, captivating lighting and costume designs, and more, signaling to the audience that their musical journey is beginning.

From Cabaret’s alluring “Willkommen” to The Lion King’s iconic “Circle of Life” to SIX’s spunky “Ex-Wives,” we’ve compiled a playlist of some of Broadway’s best opening numbers that’ll make you feel like you’ve been transported into the incomparable atmosphere and energy of the beginning of a Broadway musical.

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