Broadway Songs to Celebrate 11 O'Clock Number

Broadway Songs to Celebrate 11 O’Clock Numbers

The 11 o’clock number is the theatre term for that big, show-stopping song that happens late in Act 2, usually sung by a major character that comes to a realization. They have this name because the song would often occur around 11 o’clock. These songs often are some of the most well-known songs from a Broadway show, and for good reason. Here, we’ve created a playlist full of some of the most memorable 11 o’clock numbers from these celebrated productions.

From The Color Purple’s “I’m Here,” to Gypsy’s “Rose’s Turn,” this playlist is full of the iconic showstopping, 11 o’clock numbers we all know and love. Listen to each hit song after hit song, and jam out to these quintessential Broadway tunes.

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