Spiderman fighting a villain in Spiderman Turn Off The Dark on Broadway

Spider-man: Turn Off The Dark – Perfect Family Entertainment

Even though we live just 45 minutes away, Romano, who is 12, had never been to Broadway. It seemed easy to introduce my daughter to the glamour of the big stage, but a boy who still thinks anything gross is funny? It seemed like a bigger challenge.
Before we headed to 42nd Street, Romano was expecting Broadway to be a lot of operatic singing, wooden acting and high-brow staging. He didn’t expect action, adventure and rock ‘n’ roll.

Enter Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.

This Broadway blockbuster has everything a boy needs to be fully entertained: an “awesome” and familiar story, thanks to countless comic books and a couple of hit movies; special effects that are cool enough to impress a computer-aware, video-game-addicted generation; stars who soar overhead; a techno extravaganza of smoke and explosions, and an evil villain who is just as funny as he is menacing.

Best of all, it starts the minute you walk in the lobby of the Foxwoods Theatre with the opportunity to have your photo taken with Spider-Man himself. Romano was thrilled to have a close encounter with his favorite superhero even before the show began. The excitement built as we shopped the Spider-Man store in the lobby and continued all through the show as the actors ventured off the stage and into the audience, culminating in an explosive finale where the good guy and the bad guy flew over our heads battling it out in an intricately choreographed aerial fight scene.

What’s not to love — whether you’re a 12-year-old boy or an adventure seeking adult, Spider-Man has enough thrills to bring out the kid in all of us.

The goblin villain in Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark is everything you would want him to be — snarky and self-effacing but still cool and conniving.  But, as we all know from the comic books and movies, the green villain is no match for Peter Parker, the geeky, mild-mannered teen who was bitten by a spider and turned into New York’s hometown hero — Spider-Man.

Romano summed up the show as a “4-D” experience — four dimensional — high praise indeed from a tween.

“The ending was the best,” Romano says. “The goblin and Spider-Man were flying all around the stage, up and low, and over our heads. When Spider-Man needed to spray his web, long strips of confetti came out.  It was the best part!”

This first Broadway outing delivered exactly what I wanted:  a 12-year-old boy who now thinks Broadway and live theatre are cool. Thanks to this teen-boy-friendly experience, he’s ready for anything.  He even wants to come back and take the VIP backstage tour to see all the costumes and props… and learn how Spider-Man flies.  There’s a wide variety of shows on Broadway – but Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark has set the standard so high it will prove hard to beat.  In fact, I’m already planning a return trip with my husband and daughter.  Why should they miss out on all the fun?

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