One More Time
One More Time

Reasons to See Once Upon a One More Time from a Britney Spears Fan 

If you’re a Britney fan, then the new Broadway musical Once Upon a One More Time at the Marquis Theatre is the perfect show for you! Here are some highlights fans can look forward to in the enchanting new musical.

Briga Heelan

The Music

From the twisted—and genius—take on “Toxic” to the empowering anthem “Stronger,” and the catchy classic of “Baby One More Time,” each song elevates the emotions and drama on stage, making it a mesmerizing experience for us Britney fans and theatergoers alike!

Justin Guarini

The Choreography

With infectious energy and expertly synchronized moves, the Once Upon a One More Time dancers bring the essence of Britney’s iconic hits to life on stage. Each number’s choreography perfectly captures the essence of the songs, weaving seamlessly into the enchanting narrative, and leaving us in awe. 

A truly unforgettable highlight of the musical is the “Oops!… I Did It Again” choreography. The seamless transition to a captivating performance electrifies the stage and perfectly complements this iconic hit.

The cast of Once Upon a One More Time

Princesses x Britney 

Classic fairy tale princesses—such as Cinderella, Snow White, and Little Mermaid—find themselves questioning their stories and are given an exciting modern twist. Their journey is brought to life through the timeless melodies of our own Princess of Pop’s chart-topping tracks!

Celebrating the Princess of Pop 

Once Upon a One More Time’s charming blend of music and storytelling creates a dazzling experience that celebrates Britney’s legacy and leaves the audience singing, dancing, and cheering for more! One More Time not only brings a new perspective to the alluring fairy tales we know, but also pays a vibrant tribute to Britney. The musical cleverly weaves her top hits into the narrative and crafts a captivating show that resonates with fans both old and new!

Now in its final weeks on Broadway, you can catch Once Upon A One More Time at the Marquis Theatre through September 3, 2023.

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