The Broadway company of Rock of Ages
The Broadway company of Rock of Ages

Rock Out at The Jukebox Follies

Rock of Ages is a great time of unparalleled entertainment—and a big freakin’ hit!

It’s a hilarious tongue-in-cheek love story, and audiences looking for a fun night out at the theater are coming from far and wide to see it. The producers and performers stop at nothing to make sure that every member of the audience is having ‘nothing but a good time.’ Recently they teamed up with Camp Broadway, Broadway’s leading “experience” producer for audiences of all ages, to launch The Jukebox Follies, a 90-minute pre-show dance party for groups of all ages to learn the classic 80’s power ballad “Here I Go Again” taught by veteran Broadway choreographers.

“The overwhelming trend in groups sales is the popularity of the ‘social group,’” explains Brian Harasek, Client Relations Manager for Nederlander Patron Sales & Services. “We tell our clients that if they have as few as 10 friends, family members or co-workers they can take advantage of the ticketing services, savings and special experiences we are offering on Broadway.”

“The Jukebox Follies is a judgement-free zone where people can tap into their inner rock star,” says Tony Parise, Camp Broadway’s Artistic Director.

“It’s like singing in the shower with all of your friends—with your clothes on. Enthusiasm is the only requirement.” “Groups will learn authentic show choreography and receive Rock of Ages sheet music and merchandise.

“We are always on the lookout for creative ways for our clients to get in on the act,” says Harasek. “What better way to extend the Rock of Ages experience than by than by strutting your stuff like the rock star you are?”

To book a Rock of Ages group and The Jukebox Follies for this and other popular music filled shows, visit www.NederlanderSalesNY.com or call 212-840-3890 or 800-714-8452.