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#TGIFTunes – Broadway’s Longest Running Shows, Part I

This week Broadway Direct peeked behind the curtain at The Lion King, one of Broadway’s longest running shows. In fact, in the next two years, it will become Broadway’s third-longest running show of all time. However, The Lion King isn’t the only one celebrating a major milestone. Next week will be Broadway Direct’s 100th issue!
To celebrate, we at #TGIFTunes have put together our biggest playlist ever – 100 songs for 100 issues! We’ve decided to highlight the 100 longest running shows in Broadway history. From I Love My Wife to Phantom of the Opera (which is still running at The Majestic Theatre), we have them all!

So, close your eyes and let #TGIFTunes take you down Broadway’s memory lane as we celebrate our 100th issue!

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