The Outsiders

The Outsiders Tony Nominees on Bringing the Iconic Novel to the Stage

The Outsiders is making a splash at this year’s Tony Awards with 12 nominations including nods for Danya Taymor, Cody Spencer, Sky Lakota-Lynch, and Jamestown Revival. The nominees sat down with Broadway Direct to speak on bringing the beloved book to life on the Broadway stage.

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In Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1967, Ponyboy Curtis, his best friend Johnny Cade and their Greaser family of “outsiders” battle with their affluent rivals, the Socs. This thrilling new Broadway musical navigates the complexities of self-discovery as the Greasers dream about who they want to become in a world that may never accept them. With a dynamic original score, The Outsiders is a story of friendship, family, belonging… and the realization that there is still “lots of good in the world.” 

Interviews by Felicia Fitzpatrick.