Will Swenson and Jessie Fisher in A Beautiful Noise. Photo by Julieta Cervantes.

5 Questions with Jessie Fisher of A Beautiful Noise

If you happened to see the final Broadway cast of Once or managed to grab a ticket to see the original Broadway cast of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Jessie Fisher may be a familiar face. In Once, she was “Falling Slowly” eight times a week as Girl, and in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child she took on the mysterious role of Delphi Diggory. Now Fisher is back on the Broadway stage starring in A Beautiful Noise, The Neil Diamond Musical as Jaye Posner.

Jessie Fisher in Once.
Jessie Fisher in Once. Photo by Joan Marcus.

Taking a break during previews at the Broadhurst Theatre, Fisher took some time with Broadway Direct to answer 5 questions, telling us how her Chicago roots made her the actor she is today, her frequent collaborators over the past eight years, and the common link between her favorite spots in New York City.

1. What inspired you to become an actor?

My family in Chicago are all art enthusiasts and they encouraged their kids to explore who we are through whatever art spoke to us. Watching theater immediately felt familiar and it sparked my weird and wild imagination. It still does. When I’m feeling down, I see a play. Never fails to reignite me.

2. Who in your field inspires you?

Steven Hoggett and Yasmin Lee. I was a huge fan before I auditioned for Once. Watching and working with them over the last eight years in Once, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, and now A Beautiful Noise has been the highest honor. They collaborate with such joy. They cultivate a room where you feel safe and vulnerable and brave enough to take risks. Every project they touch is certain to have a strong beating heart.

Will Swenson and Jessie Fisher in A Beautiful Noise. Photo by Julieta Cervantes.
Will Swenson, Jessie Fisher, and the cast of A Beautiful Noise. Photo by Julieta Cervantes.

3. What will audiences be most excited about seeing in A Beautiful Noise?

Our ensemble is unbelievably talented. They are called The Noise. They vibrate with joy. I watch them from the wings in awe. And this band is incredible. And Will Swenson. And Robyn Hurder. I mean…what WON’T the audience be excited about?!

4. If you didn’t need to sleep at night, what would you spend your time doing?

This “sleep” you mentioned, tell me more.

5. What is your favorite NYC spot?

Anywhere that has live music playing. From Brooklyn Steel to piano players in Washington Square. Lots of beautiful noise… And THAT is how you end an interview.

You can catch Jessie Fisher in A Beautiful Noise, The Neil Diamond Musical, now in previews at Broadway’s Broadhurst Theatre.

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