NYC for Influencers

A Guide to New York City for Influencers

Let’s be honest: These days, hitting a hot spot is largely about the pictures you take there. And for some, those pictures have helped savvy photographers and forward-thinking content creators build entire careers on social media.

In our second installment of A Guide to New York City, Broadway Direct is looking at NYC through the eyes of the influencer, and bringing you our top five spots for snapping pics in one of the most photogenic, social-media-friendly cities on earth. Follow this list to explore the more trendy side of New York, and turn your Instagram feed into the envy of all your followers.

Pier 35 Swings

The Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges are incredibly sightly on their own, but add in these playful, childhood-invoking giant swings, and you’ve got Instagram gold. Head down to Pier 35 when the weather is nice and snap a picture of yourself enjoying the ride and the epic East River waterfront views. Bonus points if you can pull off an artsy shot of your feet dangling off the edge.

Color Factory

This guide wouldn’t be complete without a pop-up experience, one of the most recent trends to sweep the Instagram community. Color Factory contains all the key elements that have made pop-ups a hit: bright colors, interactive installations, and fun snacks color-coordinated to their room décor. Our favorite thing about this spot? The card you can scan at each photographic experience inside, so you get your high-quality shots without fear of losing your smartphone in the ball pit.

Cha Cha Matcha

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No influencer’s feed is complete without an aesthetically branded café or restaurant, and at Cha Cha Matcha, no detail is off-brand. The cups, wallpaper, and even the napkins all sport the über insta-friendly, very millennial combo of pink and green that’s sure to stand out from everyone else’s daily coffee posts. If the trendy drinks aren’t enough to sway you, it helps to know that the matcha powder here is peak quality, making it delicious and good for you.

Hudson Yards: The Vessel

It’s in the true influencer spirit to take advantage of the newest photo spots in town, which is why you should take a trip to Hudson Yards’s towering centerpiece: The Vessel. Although the long climb up the spiral staircase is tiring, it’s worth it for the overhead views of the modern honeycomb-like structure. Follow the lead of the other visitors and snap a selfie while you have this impressive background; it’s a definite step up from your bathroom mirror.

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

The easiest way to achieve that coveted artsy Instagram feed is to simply take pictures of art itself. The redesigned MoMA, dedicated to showcasing contemporary art in creative and eye-catching ways, is a visual dream. Andy Warhol’s dynamic pop-art practically jumps off of the screen when photographed, and unique light installations make it look like you rented out a studio to get the perfect picture. Get cultured while curating your social media posts.

Times Square

Love it or hate it, no trip to New York is complete without stopping for a picture in Times Square. With its towering skyscrapers, bright lights, and bustling crowds, this Midtown hub gives off that quintessential New York City feeling when you stand in its center and take it all in. Post a picture standing on those iconic red steps so your followers will instantly know where you are, then walk over to a nearby theatre and catch a Broadway show!