A Killer Party: A Murder Mystery Musical

A Killer Party: A Murder Mystery Musical Streaming Now

Producers Jason Howland and Kevin Duda are excited to release the World Premiere digital musical, A Killer Party: A Murder Mystery Musical. “With so many people who work in theater unemployed for so long due to COVID-19, it is vital that we find ways to sustain ourselves creatively and financially, and that we continue to create content for Broadway fans everywhere,” Howland said. “A Killer Party is a collaboration between more than 40 Broadway professionals all working together remotely, bringing together actors and musicians, writers and creatives, press agents, backstage personnel, and post-production editors and mixers. A Killer Party is not only a new musical, but represents a new type of musical, and when you purchase it, you are supporting these artists “on stage” and behind-the-scenes. In return, we hope to provide some laughter and levity in this time when so much of our community is struggling.”

Starring theater favorites Jessica Keenan Wynn as Justine Case, Michael James Scott as Varthur McArthur, Krystina Alabado as Lily Wright, Carolee Carmello as Detective Case, Drew Gehling as Cameron Mitchelljohn, Jackie Burns as Joan McArthur, Laura Osnes as Vivika Orsonwelles, Jarrod Spector as George Murderer, Alex Newell as Shea Crescendo, Miguel Cervantes as Clarke Staples and Jeremy Jordan as…Jeremy Jordan, this hilarious and irreverent send-up of the classic Murder Mystery features an all-star creative team that includes Jason Howland (Music), Nathan Tysen (Lyrics), Kait Kerrigan (Book), Marc Bruni (Direction), Bobby Pearce (Costume Design), Billy Jay Stein (Music Producer) and HMS Media (Video Post-Production).

When Varthur McArthur, the artistic director of a failing theater in Duluth, invites his troupe of disgruntled actors and collaborators to the first read of an “immersive murder mystery dinner party,” no one knew that he would be the victim. Or did they? Enter eager, determined, and untested Detective Case. After sequestering the guests into separate rooms (because, you know, social-distancing), she gets down to finding out whodunnit, uncovering secret affairs, life-long grudges, backstage drama, and a lot of musical theater song and dance. Sifting through lies and red herrings and a truly baffling murder mystery script left by the deceased, Case vows to find the truth and secure her future as a great detective.

Available for streaming now, each episode of A Killer Party: Murder Mystery Musical is approximately 6-8 minutes in length, and three new episodes will debut each Wednesday (August 5, August 12 and August 19). With over 80 minutes of content, plus bonus behind-the-scenes footage including bloopers, cut material, interviews with cast, and more, A Killer Party hopes to satiate the masses until Broadway returns.