Author: Leigh Scheps

Holiday Shows

5 Holiday Shows to Enjoy in New York City

Forget the skyscrapers: This time of year, New York City sparkles with lights all over, from…

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hamilton creatives what are they up to now

What the Hamilton Creators Are Working on Right Now

It’s been more than four years since Hamilton redefined…

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Everything You Need to Know About Henry VIII’s Wives in SIX

Just like Hamilton, the musical Six is about history. Just…

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Krysta Rodriguez stars as Meg in HERCULES THE MUSICAL

Krysta Rodriguez Inherits the Torch From Susan Egan as Meg in Hercules

A few years ago, one of the original stars of Hercules…

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The 2019 Jimmy Awards Celebrate the Next Generation of Broadway Stars

The winners of the 2019 Jimmy Awards are 18-year-olds Ekele…

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Adrienne Warren as Tina Turner in Tina: The Tina Turner Musical

Tina Turner, From Humble Beginnings to Beating the Odds

With 200 million records sold, iconic American singer Tina Turner is known worldwide by her big…

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