Broadway Songs for Rainy Days

Broadway Songs for Rainy Days

Whether you’re a lover of rain or you yearn for the sun, it’s undeniable that rainy days set a certain mood unmatched by other settings. A rainy day can be the perfect opportunity to lay low and relax, or alternatively, the outdoor gloom can be a necessary push to be productive on all the indoor projects you’ve been putting off during irresistibly sunny days. With the perfect songs, you can make the most of your rainy days, whatever that may mean for you.

We’ve compiled a playlist that will take you through all the rainy-day feels, from the moody blues of songs like Grease’s “It’s Raining on Prom Night,” to cheerful pick-me-up tunes like Bye Bye Birdie’s “Put on a Happy Face.” So whether you’re looking to curl up in a blanket with some candles or hoping to cheer yourself up in anticipation of the next sunny day, we’ve got you covered for all your rainy-day needs!

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