Broadway Songs from the Golden Age

Broadway Songs from the Golden Age

Theatre has always been an outlet for writers, composers, directors, artists, and performers to push the boundaries of society and introduce new and progressive ideas. Broadway is no stranger to this phenomenon, and Broadway musicals throughout history have contributed to the development of society. The emergence of musical theatre as a popular form of performance was widely attributed to the composer/lyricist duo, Rodgers and Hammerstein, who came onto the Broadway scene in the early 1940s. This duo, along with other musical theatre trailblazers, ignited what is now known as the Golden Age of Broadway musicals. The musicals of this era offered audiences a new perspective on the changing world they were living in and redefined the theatre community. Many of these beloved musicals remain stage favorites and continue to appear on Broadway in the form of revivals.

From Oklahoma’s “People Will Say We’re In Love” to The Music Man’s “Till There Was You,” we’ve compiled a playlist of some of the most well-known and well-loved classic Golden Age-era Broadway hits.

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