Broadway Songs to Help You Study

Broadway Songs to Help You Study

We can enjoy music in so many different ways, from blasting sing-along tunes in the car to humming along to tracks in the kitchen, to playing music to help you focus on work. In Broadway shows, instrumental songs can be used in dance sequences, or to set the tone of the show within the overture. If you’re the type to “whistle while you work,” here’s the perfect playlist for you. These songs mostly do not include lyrics and are instrumental, to give you the brain space to focus on your studies or any other work. 

From the “Waltz” in Nine to the “Dream Ballet” in Oklahoma!, we’ve compiled a playlist full of instrumental melodies to be the soundtrack to your life, including when you need to get that important work done.

Have a favorite instrumental Broadway tune we missed? Share it with us on Twitter and we might just add it to the list!

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