September Book

Check Out the Best Theater Books of the Month for September 2022

Broadway Direct spotlights the best theater books of the month, just for you.

We Travelled: Essays and Poems
By David Hare
$22.95, Faber & Faber

Loud Mouse
By Cara Mentzel and Idina Menzel, illustrated by Jaclyn Sinquett
$17.99, Disney-Hyperion

We can’t wait for two big theatrical events this fall. First, Ralph Fiennes comes to New York City’s The Shed in mid-October. He stars as (infamous?) city planner Robert Moses in a new play by David Hare titled Straight Line Crazy. If that’s not exciting enough, it’s codirected by Nicholas Hyntner and Jamie Armitage and arrives on a wave of acclaim after playing at the Bridge Theatre in London.

In November, Idina Menzel returns as the Queen of Andalasia alongside James Marsden, Amy Adams, and Patrick Dempsey in Disenchanted, a sequel to the delightfully goofy film Enchanted. That debuts on Disney+ this Thanksgiving, November 24.

But while we love theater and theater-adjacent movie-musical comedies, we’re not exactly patient. Happily, both of these projects have artist-adjacent books coming out.

Playwright David Hare has a new collection of poems and essays titled We Travelled. The pieces range from deeply personal poems to a takedown of Britain’s incoherent Conservative Party and a celebration of TV’s Mad Men. (And if you finish that, you can always dive into Robert Caro’s acclaimed bio of Moses, The Power Broker.)

And Idina Menzel collaborates with her sister, Cara, and artist Jaclyn Sinquett on a new picture book. It’s called Loud Mouse, and anyone who loves the iron-lunged Menzel and her blow-the-roof-off vocals in Wicked and the film Frozen and so many other shows can guess the plot. It’s about a little mouse named Dee who sings for her own pleasure. Then she really surprises her classmates and teacher when Dee first sings for everyone else. Perfect for adult fans or kids who like to stand out in a crowd, or who just like musical theater.

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