Coming Soon: Stage Door Sessions Transcript

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Lilli Cooper: What I think is so powerful to cast somebody that looks different that the woman who originally played it 30 years ago is that it is so special as a person of color in the audience to be able to see that on stage.

Elysa Gardner: And the challenges of being a Broadway pro.

Will Chase: It’s funny, as I get older, it’s hard to sing eight shows a week. And this role especially is just kicking my butt. I mean I love doing it, but it’s like, theater’s for the young.

Elysa Gardner: Is there a particular pressure or excitement opening at this time, kind of so close to when all of the awards nominations are going to be announced?

Sarah Stiles: You know what I don’t love, that we open, that all that happens during tax season. (laughs)

Lilli Cooper: So true! I just filed for an extension.

Sarah Stiles: To me, I’m more stressed about that than anything else (laughs)

Lilli Cooper: Straight up, straight up.

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