Broadway Horoscopes
Broadway Horoscopes

February Horoscopes: Which Broadway Cast Album Should You Listen To?

Valentine’s Day, Mercury in retrograde, and a transition into dreamy Pisces season; the stars have a busy month in store this February. As the spotlight fades on Aquarians, Pisceans take center stage with Mercury also entering their imaginative and watery sign. On the 14th, Mercury goes into retrograde, slowing down communication and creating an opportunity for misunderstandings. This month is a time to nurture creative energies and think carefully about our goals before we chase them when Mars reenters Capricorn on the 16th. 

This February, avoid misunderstandings and take the time to listen, rather than just speak. We recommend putting in your headphones and revisiting a good cast album in order to slow down and reflect on your feelings. Broadway Direct has taken a close look at what the stars have in store, and we have recommendations on the music and stories that will resonate with you.


Your birthday season may be nearing its end, but that only means its the start of a brand new year for you, Aquarius. Be wary of Mercury in retrograde’s tricks, and remain open to any last-minute changes that occur. Look out for a chance to reconnect with old friends and connections; it will be the perfect way to celebrate this new chapter. Reflect on your new age and relationships by listening to the new Company recording, which examines those issues through perfectly put Sondheim lyrics.


Venus will start in your sign this month, Pisces, making you feel amazing before you head into your birthday season on the 19th. Take advantage of this unshakable confidence, and allow your imaginative nature to take over and lead the way. This is your time to shine, and the more you follow your intuition, the more success you’ll find. We recommend listening to SIX and allowing the revamped tale of these famous Queens to inspire you to celebrate your own story.


You’ll be motivated to get a lot done this month, Aries, and there will be lots of opportunities for you to succeed at work. As Venus moves into your sign on the 7th and gives you killer confidence, start a conversation with your boss about that new project you’ve wanted to initiate. Listen to Hamilton, and take cues from Alexander’s “young, scrappy, and hungry” attitude to chase after your goals.


You’re naturally set in your ways, Taurus, but this month’s patterns will inspire you to rethink your mindset. Examine how your habits may be holding you back, and challenge yourself to step outside of your comfort zone to get the results you desperately crave. We recommend listening to the Wicked cast recording and contemplating how you can defy self-appointed expectations as Elphaba and Glinda do.


As a chatty soul, be mindful of the impressions you make this month, Gemini. As Mercury goes into retrograde in the house of your career, take the time to really think twice before you speak or post on social media. How can you communicate more responsibly this month? We recommend listening to Dear Evan Hansenwhich deals with how words spread in the digital age–to reflect on how your own words might affect those around you.


You’re a secret powerhouse, Cancer, and as Venus moves into the career sector of your chart, it’s time to squash your inner critic and embrace your full potential. If you nurture your ideas and dreams, then work hard to make them a reality, everyone will finally see just what you’re made of. Listen to Frozen this month, and take inspiration from Elsa harnessing her power and putting it on display in songs like “Let it Go.”


Confidence is already the name of your game, Leo, and as the moon enters your sign this month, it will give you an extra boost of boldness. The full moon on the 9th will provide the perfect opportunity to take a well-deserved personal check-in and reevaluate your priorities to focus on what truly excites you. We recommend listening to TINA – The Tina Turner Musical and channeling Adrienne Warren’s ferocity as she embodies the rule-defying music legend, Tina Turner.


The full moon on the 9th will ignite a desire in you to get away from it all, and no one deserves it more than you, Virgo. Stop spreading yourself thin and allow yourself to indulge in some R&R. Take some time alone, or plan a getaway with friends to recharge. We recommend you kick back and listen to Once On This Island, and allow yourself to be transported into a vibrant story about love overpowering fear and fate.


The big questions will be on your mind this month, Libra, and you may find yourself looking to revamp your day-to-day routine in order to get closer to the life you really want to live. As Mars moves into the sector of your chart about home, take the chance to do some pre-spring cleaning and create a fresh start. Listen to Jagged Little Pill this month, and let Alanis Morissette’s Grammy-winning hits light a fire under you to push yourself to make those much-needed changes.


Dramatic changes may be in store for you this month, Scorpio, with the full moon on the 9th taking place right in your career house. Decide whether or not you’re truly happy with the path you’re on and don’t compromise on achieving the ideal balance between work demands and your personal life. We recommend listening to Hadestown, where the story of Orpheus, Eurydice, and the workers of Hadestown will inspire you to fight from the underworld and back for what you want.


Mars will start in your sign this month, Sagittarius, giving you the perfect excuse to follow your instincts and desires without resistance. Go out, spend time with friends, and chase the things that truly bring you joy. Less talk and more action is your key to success later in the month. Listen to Moulin Rouge! The Musical and let the extravagant and glamourous reimaginings of pop hits lead you to a spectacular (spectacular) month.


Remember those projects and ideas that you’ve left on the backburner? This month is the time to finally set them in motion, Capricorn, with Mars entering your sign on the 16th, kicking you into a productive state. Allow your creativity to shine and set aside time to develop your ideas. We recommend listening to the uplifting messages of Kinky Boots and getting inspired to work on your own creative and impactful project.