Halloween Costumes from Broadway
Halloween Costumes from Broadway

Halloween Tips From a Costume Designer

Are you ready for Halloween?

If you’re like most of us, you’re probably still undecided about what to be this year. But don’t feel you have to go to a pop-up Halloween store and spend a lot of money for a ready-made costume. Take some tips from one of Broadway’s top costume designers and, with a little ingenuity and creativity, putting together your Halloween costume might be as easy as reaching into the back of your closet or into those dusty boxes in the attic.

Costume designer Gregory Gale, who designed the creations for Broadway’s Rock of Ages, Cyrano de Bergerac, The Wedding Singer, and Urinetown, knows how to do it up for Halloween. “For stage, I think what makes a costume memorable is staying true to the writing, character, and scene,” he says. “If you follow the writing carefully, it will direct you where you need to go. Another important component is following your inspiration and gut — all of these make a powerful combination. For Halloween, I think the most memorable costumes have a sense of humor and make a social, art, or pop culture reference.” 

For a costume that stands out and is practical, easy, and inexpensive, Gale offers these tips for partygoers looking to make an impression on Halloween night. “First, make a pop culture reference! A good friend of mine just made a Miley Cyrus ‘Wrecking Ball’ costume for their pug dog. It’s a gray padded round doggie sweater with an attached Barbie doll wearing a two-piece white costume and black boots. I screamed laughing when I saw it,” he says. “Second, use your imagination. Third, the funniest and most memorable costumes don’t need to cost a lot of money. Try crafting a costume at home.”

Check out these Halloween costumes inspired by shows currently running on Broadway.

Lydia from Beetlejuice

Curly from Oklahoma!

Janis from Mean Girls

Evan Hansen

Jenna from Waitress

The Temptations

Regina George from Mean Girls

Dorothy Michaels from Tootsie

Elder Price and Elder Cunningham from The Book of Mormon

Persephone from Hadestown

See what’s in the back of your closet — it just might be Halloween-worthy.