Revolution Rent

New Documentary Revolution Rent to Premiere on HBO

HBO has announced a new documentary, Revolution Rent, based on Andy Señor Jr.’s efforts on bringing Jonathan Larson’s 1996 Broadway musical to Cuba, will air on HBO and subsequently premiere on HBO Max on June 15.

In 2014, Andy Señor Jr traveled back to his parents’ home country to stage the first Broadway musical in Cuba in 50 years. The documentary follows him on his journey to bring the musical Rent to Cuba, his exiled parents’ homeland. Embarking on a personal journey to reclaim his complicated heritage, and to bridge cultural boundaries with Jonathan Larson’s inspiring musical, Andy is faced with the daunting task of opening the show just 12 weeks from first rehearsals. Will he be able to hone the raw young local talent he’s cast, contend with technical challenges and address Rent‘s controversial themes in Cuban society?

This announcement comes on the 25th anniversary of the original Broadway production’s opening night at the Nederlander Theatre.

In a statement, Señor Jr. said, “When we began working on the production of Rent in Cuba and documenting the journey along the way, I had no idea how the story would unfold and that our documentary would end up on HBO for the world to see. I am beyond thrilled to share this deeply personal and magical moment in our lives and I’m grateful that Jonathan Larson’s words and music are still making such an impact, 25 years later.”

Neil Patrick Harris, who served as an executive producer on the film, said “Andy and I started our Rent journey together many years ago and I was proud to see him take his talents to Cuba. “Revolution Rent is a continuation of our journey as well as a tribute to the power of theater and its ability to transform lives. “