TGIF Tunes
TGIF Tunes

TGIF Tunes is a weekly feature that highlights some of Broadway’s best music, from both currently running productions and past fan favorites. Join us every Friday for new playlists that are centered around a variety of unique themes to fit the season.

Happy International Women’s Day! This weekend—but especially on March 8—we’ll be celebrating the ladies in our lives, and the achievements of women worldwide. 

In honor of the holiday, we’ve rounded up a list of the best Girl Power anthems Broadway has to offer. This mix is full of tracks that celebrate the strong female characters in musical theatre, who have brought stories to the stage of women exceeding all expectations and coming into their own.

Whether you’re a “Dancing Queen,” “The Sparkling Diamond,” or simply “Fabulous, Baby!,” this playlist will have you feeling inspired and empowered to take on the world. Grab your girlfriends and turn the volume on high; you might just end up “Defying Gravity” before the playlist is through.

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