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#TGIFTunes – Broadway Out To Sea

This week, Broadway Direct set sail with the revival of On The Town. The show docks at the Lyric Theatre on September 20th. Before the show arrives, #TGIFTunes has brought you a whole playlist of Broadway songs all about the ocean!
Broadway already has its sea legs, as it has a long history of shows on and about the ocean. Anything Goes and Titanic both take place on a boat, although only one has a happy ending. Meanwhile, Big River, Songs for a New World and A New Brain all sing about the heading out onto the water.

So sit back and let the waves of music wash over you as you enjoy #TGIFTunes’ Broadway Out At Sea playlist!

Also, if you hadn’t heard, we’ve debuted a brand new playlist – Broadway Direct’s #NowPlaying! Follow Broadway Direct on Spotify as we update the #NowPlaying playlist each week with brand new recordings, songs from upcoming shows, and some of our old favorites. Check it out!

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