Frozen Casts Worldwide Sing "Let It Go"

Watch Now: Casts of Frozen Around the World Sing “Let It Go”

Frozen is now happening around the globe with the national tour making a journey across North America and productions occurring in London’s West End, Germany, Australia, and Japan. At the center of the show are beloved sisters, Elsa and Anna, and Disney brought each of the actresses playing the Arendelle royals worldwide together to perform a special rendition of “Let It Go.”

A mysterious secret. A family torn apart. As one sister struggles with being an outsider and harnessing her powers within, the other sets out on a thrilling adventure to bring her family together once again. Both are searching for love, but they’ll learn that to find it they’ll have to look inside themselves first. Frozen can be found at a theatre near you as the show continues its national tour.

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