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how to gift tickets

How to Gift Broadway Tickets

It’s currently the most wonderful time of the year, and gifting a Broadway ticket means you can bring that festive joy into 2023! Find…

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Broadway Gift Guide

Broadway Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holidays are here and gift-giving is on everyone’s mind. Want to know…

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Holiday Book Guide

2022 Holiday Book Guide for Theater Lovers

What are the best theater books of the year? What should I give my theater-loving friends this…

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Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday: Give Back and Give the Best of Broadway

Still searching for holiday gifts that are standing-ovation worthy? This week, you can give the…

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November Book of the Month

Check Out the Best Theater Books of the Month for November 2022

Broadway Direct spotlights the best theater books of the…

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Spirited on Apple TV+

Spirited Is a Joyous Holiday-Themed New Movie Musical for Broadway Fans

Hugh Jackman’s tap dancing in The Music Man is rubbing off on…

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