Broadway Tickets

How to Gift Broadway Tickets

Last year during the holiday season, there was a favorite present missing for the theatre lover in your life: Broadway tickets. Never fear, that most exciting gift has returned for this holiday season and with Giving Tuesday this week, there’s no better time for gifting and giving back!

There’s nothing like spreading holiday joy by gifting Broadway tickets and here is just how to do it.

Find the Perfect Show

Whether you’re looking to take your musical-loving daughter or your partner to their first Broadway show, we’ve got the perfect way to help out. Select from the options on the form below based on your party’s interests and find your next Broadway show!

Giftable Near or Far

The great thing about Broadway tickets is that they can be great gifts to have under the tree, but can also easily be gifted anywhere in the world. Thanks to Broadway Direct’s digital ticketing, Broadway tickets are easy to give even if you aren’t spending the holiday together in person. Plus, there are no shipping fees or need to fear about it getting lost in the mail!

If you’d like to have something physical to present with your Broadway show tickets, why not try pairing it with some Broadway merch or other theatre-themed gifts? Or maybe design your own ticket envelope, pair the tickets with something homemade and from the heart!

Plan Your Special Night

Going to the theatre can be quite the event and having everything planned out from dinner to extra activities can make the trip even more exciting. Find the perfect place to eat before your show or experience the best winter activities that New York City has to offer.

Photo by Marc J. Franklin
Ticket photo by Marc J. Franklin.

Book with Comfort and Ease

After experiencing a shutdown that lasted over a year, Broadway’s return has come with extra safety. Broadway wants to keep audiences safe, with masks and vaccinations being required to attend a show. Due to these policies, theatregoers can feel comfortable getting to experience the joys of live theatre. Full COVID-19 policies can be found here.

For tickets booked through February 28, 2021, we also offer a flexible refund and exchange policy. This policy provides flexibility in the event a guest may be unable to attend a show due to illness, travel restrictions, or any other circumstances. Our guests may feel confident purchasing tickets in advance knowing this exchange or refund policy is in effect if they cannot attend the date and time originally purchased. Find out more information here.

Be Part of this Momentous Broadway Moment

Broadway has just experienced its longest shutdown in history. Due to this, the return to live theatre couldn’t be more joyous or more felt throughout the seats in these theatres. It is of course always a great time to see a Broadway show, but the energy felt now is electric and being able to see a show on Broadway on the heels of its historic return is something that is not to be missed.

We hope to see you at a Broadway theatre this holiday season. Gifting tickets to a loved one this holiday season? Tag us in their reactions this holiday on Instagram!